Lounging Dog and Cat

2024 Rates


Boarding rates are based on each full night’s stay, regardless of checkin time. Rates include morning & evening meals, fresh cool water at all times, morning and evening housekeeping service, attention and affection throughout the day. Check out time is 2:30 pm Monday— Friday, 2:00 pm on Saturdays.

Standard Suites

Standard dog suites are 4’x4’indoors with an adjoining 4’x10’ covered patio and include a standard bedroll (blanket or mat). Felines stay in individual condos in a dedicated “Catquarters” area. Each condo is furnished with a fleece-covered sleeping ledge and private litterbox.

Dogs ——— $40
Cats ———– $30
Other pets ———–Inquire

Up to two (2) dogs no larger than 50 pounds each from your household may share a standard suite and receive a $4 per night ($2 per dog) multipet discount.

Deluxe Dog Suites
Our deluxe suites are twice as large (4’x8’ indoors/8’x10’ patio) as our standard suites and include a comfy Kuranda bed. Deluxe suites have limited availability, so be sure and book early!


First dog————- $55
Additional dog in the Deluxe suite ——— $40

Check-in Requirements
All canine guests must be current on rabies, distemper & parvo vaccinations. Bordetella (kennel cough) is strongly recommended. Feline guests must be current on rabies and FVRCP vaccinations.

All guests are checked for fleas at check-in. If fleas are present, the guest will be treated at the owner’s expense.

Optional Boarding Upgrades

Playtime/Nature Walk ————— $7.00 Per Session
Enhance your dog’s stay with one-on-one 20- 30 minute playtimes or nature walks that give your dog a chance to explore, play, and unwind. You can select as many sessions as your pet would like during his or her stay. We strongly recommend at least one playtime/nature walk if your pet is staying 3 nights or more.

Homecooked Meal ————— $4.00 per meal
Special homemade meal prepared specifically for your pet—varies by season and your pet’s dietary requirements. Check with our guest services team to plan your pet’s special treat.

Frozen Treat ———— $3.00 each
Cool refreshment in the “dog days of summer”. Treats are “Frosty Paws” or similar and get a big paws up from the lucky dogs who enjoy them.

Oral or Topical Medication ————— $1.00 per dose
If your pet requires an oral or topical medication, we will make sure it is administered as needed. Please bring the original container with dosage instructions.

Late Check Out ————– $15.00 per Suite
Can’t pick up your pet by 2:30? Late checkouts are available after 3:30 Monday -Friday. Late check outs are not available on Saturdays. Dogs who are scheduled for a bath, mini or full groom on their day of departure are not subject to the late check-out fee.

Other Services

Day Camp ————– 25.00
Day Camp is the perfect solution if your pet is active and needs to burn off some energy while you’re at work or otherwise occupied. Dogs participate in carefully selected and fully supervised playgroups of similar size, temperament and play style.

Day Boarding ———— 15.00
Day boarding is for pets who need to be monitored during the day but who aren’t up to a robust schedule of activity.

Grooming ———— Call for Estimate
From a rejuvenating bath to a complete makeover, we consult with you at each appointment to achieve the look you desire for your dog.

Pick Up & Drop Off ————— Call for Info
Pressed for time? Let us chauffeur your pet from your place to ours in our First Class Pet Resort limo.

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