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Dog Boarding

Each standard canine suite in our temperature-controlled lodge has an indoor 4′ x 4′ sleeping area with an adjoining 4′ x 10′ covered patio. Unrelated dogs are never housed in the same suite and solid walls between the suites eliminate disagreements between neighbors.

You may request up to two dogs no larger than 50 pounds each from your household share a suite during their stay. Breakfast is served first thing in the morning and dinner is served in the evening. Our house food is Fromm Gold Adult – a premium brand of dry dog food, or you may bring your own food. Every guest has access to fresh water at all times. Scheduled housekeeping service is conducted in the morning and late afternoon, but is also performed as needed throughout the entire day. Our Guest Services Team makes sure that each guest gets individual attention and affection, and that each guest’s unique needs are met, whether it’s medication, a scheduled playtime or nature walk or special dietary requirements or treats. Each guest gets checked every evening before bed and is safely secured in their suite.

Choose from the following Optional Amenities to further enhance your pet’s stay with us:

  • Raised canine Kuranda bed rental. All guests are provided with a blanket bedroll as the standard bedding.
  • Oral and topical medication administration. Medications must be supplied in the labeled original medication container.
  • One-on-one playtime or nature walk consisting of a 20 minute session with a Guest Services team member. Playtime may take place outside or inside depending on the weather.
  • Special homemade meals that vary by season.
  • Frozen canine treats (Frosty Paws or a similar treat) – great in the summertime!
  • Stuffed Kongs give your dog a tasty form of entertainment.



All canine guests need to be current on rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations and we will need copies of those vaccination records prior to check in. Copies of titer results are acceptable We strongly recommend bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations as well.

Each guest is checked for fleas at check-in. If fleas are present, the guest will be treated and the cost of the treatment will be added to the guests boarding or grooming charges.

What should you bring from home?

You’re welcome to bring any items that you think will make your dog feel more comfortable, including bedding, toys, treats, and food. Please do not bring bowls or breakable items. Also, please keep in mind that dogs may chew on or soil bedding and that items from home may not be returned in the same condition as upon arrival.

If you bring your dog’s own food, please put it in a plastic, sealable container or plastic bags. We are not able to accept dry food in it’s original packaging.

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